Day 7 – Expenses this trip / Site to see next trip

Prepaid Expenses Total:   $81,890


  LAX/Cairns/LAX   $66002

  PHX/LAX/PHX   $3364

  2 Walkabouts within Australia   $1272

Vacation Packages:

  4 Day Cairns Discovery (Superior)   $4556

  2 Day Red Center Explorer Tour   $1940

Travel Insurance:  $3364

Passports/Visas:   $870


  Cairns Tropical Zoo   $99

  Scenic Helicopter Ride   $592

  Tjapukai by Night   $308

  National Park Fees   $100

  Hot Air Balloon Ride   $144

Converting US Currancy to AUD  $192

R/T Shuttle

  Home to airport   $40

  Airport to home  $40

Daily Expenses:

Day 1  –  ($425)  Meal in Sydney Airport $100, Lunch $100, Dinner $100, Shopping Esplanada Misc. $125.

Day 2  –  ($240)  2 Meals $200, Misc. $40.

Day 3 –   ($310)  1 Meal $100, Art $175, Misc. $40.

Day 4 –  ($365)  2 Meals $200, Art $125, Misc.$40.

Day 5 –  ($440)  3 Meals $300, Fee Nat’l Park $100, Misc. $40.

Day 6 –  ($340)  3 Meals $300, Misc.

Day 7 –  ($240)  2 Meals $200 Misc. $40.                                                         

Fee to convert funds ($10)

Daily Expenses Total       $ 2,370

Prepaid Total                        $81,890 

Grand Total                          $84,260

Sites below I’d like to visit on next trip.  Views along Great Ocean Road.




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Day 7 – This is my last vacation post cause we’re going home.

Final pictures are of the waterfront of Cairns, a view from our room of Cairns when we first arrived, and the last is an aerial view of Cairns.

We will be leaving Cairns at 11:00 pm tonight (Saturday), and will finally make it home at6:30 am on Sunday.

I think I need a vacation to recoop from my vacation.


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Day 6 – 2nd overnighter in Alice Springs / Hot Air Balloon Ride

It has been amazing! We have seen it all, at least it seems like we have.

We enjoyed a 30 minute hot air balloon ride.

We are staying one more night and then start making our way home tomorrow.

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Day 3 – Scenic Raidway and Skyrail cableway (2nd entry)

Here are some of the spectacular views we saw today. Floating along in our Rainforest Dream!

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Day 5 – Kata Tjuta National Park and then on to Alice Springs

Here is local art, selling for $525.

I am not sure what those people are doing.

This trip has been so full of life, energy, and color. But I am on my last legs.

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Day 3 – Scenic Railway, Skyrail, and a Visit to Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

We were picked up from the hotel and transfered to the Kuranda Scenic Railway. Once again, the view was breathtaking. We saw waterfalls, traveled over many bridges, and were in the mist of a rainforest… YESTERDAY  it was the Great Barrier Reef.

We were provided lunch with this tour.

On the way back, we rode over the the top of the rainforest (the canopy). So high up, over so much greenery. I felt like I was in a dream

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My 7 Day Virtual Trip to Australia

We landed in Cairns on the 17th of July at 12:25. Just in time for lunch, but first we checked into our hotel; very nice.

We left Los Angeles at 11:50 pm on the 15th of July. It took us a total of 19 hours and 35 minutes to get there;  and that includes our 3 hour layover in Sydney . . . we definitetly lost some time . . . weird, huhh?

While we were waiting in Sydney we ate breakfast at the airport. I had an omlette that was delicious. Everyone enjoyed their meal. It helped keep us upbeat while we waited to finish the last leg of our LONG flight.

We each picked something special to do on this VACA – my husband, Eric,  picked ‘Cairns Tropical Zoo, I wanted to purchase art or crafts, my daughter, Summer, wanted to go to the Great Barrier Reef, and my son, Dustin, wanted a scenic helicopter ride, which we did while on our day cruise to the Reef.

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